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Folk program in «Sadko» restaurant

The program is taken part by:

«The Singing Waiters Show» - is the pride of the «Sadko» Restaurant (vocalists of the Mariinsky Theater, graduates of the conservatory).
Song and Dance Ensemble «Russian Soul»


Vocal performances of «The Singing Waiters» - is taken part by 5 people: balalaika (or gusli), accordion, 3-4 singers):

  1. «Rospriahite hloptsy koni» – folk Cossack song
  2. «Podmoskovniye vechera» - Soviet song of the post-war period
  3. «Vo kuznitse» -  popular Russian folk song.
  4. «Razgovor so schastiyem» – song from the movie «Ivan Vasilievich changes profession» (performed with a dancing couple)
  5. «Kalinka» – Russian song (performed with a dancing couple)
  6. «U lesa na opushke» – popular Soviet song

Dance performances is taken part by one dance couple and two dance couples:

  1. «Varenka»
  2. «Russkii pereplyas»
  3. «Kalinka» - (accompanied by «The Singing Waiters»)
  4. «Razgovor so schastiyem» (accompanied by «The Singing Waiters»)


The scenario of each program is unique. It Is based on preference and personal wishes of the customer. We can also invite a host for your request: Ekaterina Nikitina is theater and film actress. Also you can order a professional DJ. You can choose any artist of any genre if you make prior request.
The host can make some changes depending on your program. The number and name of musical (dance) performances may vary. The duration of the program is from 30 minutes to 1.5 hours (depending on the scenario).